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About the video conferencing equipment

The video conferencing is relatively an old technology with a history of 80 years back. Today this video conferencing is found to be one of the most popular forms of the communication which unites the people across the world by using the sight as well as the sound. This technology would not be even possible without the prerequisite video conferencing equipment needed for working it. The video conferencing equipment has evolved from a lot of the roots like television with two sets of cameras connected by a physical cable that is operated from one location to other. Nowadays you can find this video conferencing equipment in home and office and this technology has even advanced with the systems that are needed for video conferencing for example the video conferencing equipment is available in the pocket size.

The laptops, netbooks and home personal computers are available with built-in webcams as well as the mobile phones come with the front-facing cameras that contribute to the video conferencing. In the olden days the video conferencing equipment used by two persons for communicating with each other includes the cameras, speakers, microphones and display screens where this has changed much but the nature of the video conferencing equipment has been changed a lot. The miniaturization as well as the improvements on the existing technologies have evolved into the system where the bulky television and sizable cameras have been replaced by the small tiny sized video conferencing equipment and now this equipment is available in the pocket and hands palm size.

Video conferencing equipment for different needs

There is a number of video conferencing equipment systems are available in the market today. The high definition set-ups built for the use of the office where these can be of quite bulky and expensive but they offer the unparalleled high quality of audio and video.  The video conferencing equipment include the high definition cameras, top quality speaker systems and microphones, large and high definition screens.

  • The video conferencing equipment is used in homes which might simply be a desktop computer with the web camera and the headphone with the set of built-in microphone for recording the audio.
  • In general the video conferencing equipment for people on the go includes the microphone, speaker and laptop computer with a built-in
  • You can even find more compact video conferencing equipment inside your 3G mobile phone devices where it will be having a front facing cameras and the faster 3G radios for the better video and sound quality.

The other peripherals that can be included for video conferencing are large digital whiteboards for sharing information like spreadsheet and documentation, unidirectional speakers and boom headsets. In which many of the systems also features the noise canceling microphones where it avoids the outside noise and inferences. These microphones in addition contain the echo canceling microphone feature that used to cancel the echo produced by your voice which happens mainly when your voice is heard on the loudspeaker system which your mic picked up and broadcasted again.